New To VR: ATAT-VR: Among Giants demo released

Available to download from Oculus Share is a new demo by developer Jason187781 called ATAT-VR: Among Giants, which allows the user a virtual walkthrough of an Star Wars Imperial ATAT walker. Jason187781 created this virtual reality (VR) experience during his animation learning process of the Unreal Engine, having done the same on the CryEngine a few years previously.

The demo is designed as a walkabout to show a sense of scale within an Star Wars Imperial ATAT walker, giving you access to all levels of the impressive and iconic vehicle seen in the Star Wars movies and advertising media. Most famously seen in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, where the empire is attacking the rebel base of Hoth, the imperial AT-AT is an imposing sight on the battlefield and this section of the film has been recreated many times for videogames over the years.


The experience has been designed to be easily accessible by running on low end computers as there isn’t to much going on, and is implemented for the second iteration of the Oculus Rift development kit, aka DK2. Both Oculus share and WEARVR have ATAT-VR: Among Giants available for download now.

Any further projects and news from Jason187781, will be here on VRFocus.