AMD Explains LiquidVR’s Bid To Prevent Movement Latency In VR

We’ve had what LiquidVR is, why it is and how it is and now AMD’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) series of videos laying out the technology that makes up its development project comes to an end. Concluding with an explanation as to how LiquidVR brings, appropriately enough, fluidity to your movements within apps and experiences and how they the virtual reality (VR) technology being used reacts to it.

One of the problems with having a VR head-mounted display is that when you move the world has to move with you. Your field of view shifts. Your head is essentially one big giant camera. The problem is the technology needs to keep up with the movements so the picture doesn’t get left behind. The video explains, with the aid of an analogy involving pizza flyers,  how Latest Data Latch works to prevent this.

You can view AMD LiquidVR™: Latest Data Latch below:

VRFocus will continue to follow AMD’s work in the field of VR and will bring you any more information revealed by them on the subject.