Zero Point Studio Unveils Mobius, The First VR Experience Sharing Platform

Talks and pitches are underway as the second day of SVVR Conference and Expo 2015 begins. One big announcement however has come from speaker Peter Wilkins, co-founder of Emergent VR, as he revealed Mobius, the first VR sharing platform.

Mobius / Imergent VR

An app for iPhone and Android, Mobius allows users to capture full 360 degree experiences and share them with friends allowing everyone to experience a memory to a greater degree than a photo or video would allow, getting away from the ‘flat screen’ approach.

“What if I could record that memory and then seamlessly share that memory with you?” Explained Wilkins, emphasising the need for accessability. “Not just VR professionals, not just Hollywood studios, but every single one of you.”

Mobius promises to accomplish this without camera stitching or post-processing and using only your existing smartphone to generate the effect.

Whether or not Mobius will become the ‘instagram of VR’ as Wilkins termed it remains to be seen, however the team at Emergent VR do have a significant pedigree in the field. They were the company behind Zero Point, the first movie for VR and have previously worked in partnership with the likes of Pixar, DreamWorks (which itself made a big VR announcement yesterday) and video game publishers 2K Games for Bioshock Infinite.

The morning session also included some familiar faces to readers of VRFocus including the developer of Synthesis Unvierse and eye-tracking virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) company FOVE, inc. whom we recently interviewed.

VRFocus will continue to bring you updates on the Mobius platform and other announcements at SVVR as they happen.