Valve to Attend Maker Faire with HTC Vive’s Lighthouse Technology

The recent revelation of Valve’s work on a consumer head-mounted display (HMD) has taken the virtual reality (VR) community by storm. Not only does the device offer a comparable visual quality to competitor HMDs such as the Oculus Rift or the PlayStation 4’s Project Morpheus, but it also brings full-body tracking into the equation with the Lighthouse technology. Today, Valve have confirmed that this technology will be making an appearance at Maker Faire, San Mateo, 16th – 17th May 2015.

Originally unveiled at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, and the Game Developers Conference (GDC), San Francisco, back in March, the collaboration between Valve and HTC on the forthcoming Vive HMD was nothing short of impressive. The Lighthouse technology, which features two laser emitters that track the HMD wearers movement in a 15′ x 15′ space, is a key differentiator from the competition.

HTC Vive

The revelation that the technology would appear at the upcoming Maker Faire event came today via Twitter. Alan Yates, Hardware Engineer at Valve Corporation, made the following statement on his personal Twitter account:

“Booked my flights & accommodation for @makerfaire. Bringing Lighthouse prototypes to start the conversation about non-VR applications.”

Development studios can now request a Vive HMD for their future projects via a sign-up process, as was revealed last month. This is the first time Valve has mentioned the potential use of the Lighthouse technology away from the HTC Vive HMD. VRFocus will keep you updated with any further news on the diversity of the technology.