Sony, Climax Studios & nDreams to Speak at Playhubs VR Event

Playhubs are hosting a virtual reality (VR) videogames event next month, with the speaker line-up including some very high-profile development studios. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) take the headline slot, with developers from UK studios such as nDreams, Climax Studios and Steff Keegan of Pixel Ripped fame also appearing at the event taking place 3rd June 2015, London.

Set to commence at 6:30pm BST, the event will begin with a panel discussing how VR can shape the future and how each platform holder expects VR to change how we make and play videogames. This will be followed by live demos of each technology through the evening. The event will close with a live Q&A from the audience an interactive debate.


The official description of the event states that attendees will be treated to: “An evening of debate and demonstration from the leading platform and technology companies as well as VR game developers, about to bring virtual reality to both gaming and the masses.”

Also confirmed to be in attendance are VISR, Trash Games, Atom Universe, Google and Unity Technologies. More speakers and demonstrations are expected to be announced shortly. Tickets for the event are now sold out, however VRFocus will be in attendance and will keep you updated with all the latest details.