Potentially Historic Brings A Sense Of The Surreal To Oculus VR Share

As virtual reality develops new forms of media and entertainment are developing. We see that with the various 360 degree experiences being produced including SONAR which we mentioned yesterday and of course our very own VRCast, a second episode of which will be coming at some point in the future. Potentially Historic sits in this ‘new entertainment’ bracket and is one of the first to actively position itself as virtual reality (VR) programming, describing itself as ‘the first live action, virtual reality serial’.

Potentially Historic - 1

Presented by JacQues Olet and Anthony Marks the show takes a quirky stance on even quirkier questions you’d not think to ask about the possibilities of an unwritten future. Episode one dealing with off-the-wall topics such as the practicalities of hiring clones,

This wacky slice of virtual reality is available now on Oculus VR Share for both the DK1 and DK2 versions of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). Instructions for viewing can also be found on the VR Share page. VRFocus will continue to bring you a daily dose of new listings from the Share platform, be sure to join us tomorrow morning for the next.