Oculus Creator: VR Isn’t a ‘magical cure-all’, Some ‘Shoehorning’ Support

With a lot of excitement gathering around virtual reality (VR) technology right now it’s easy to start dreaming of numerous potential applications beyond videogames. But VR isn’t necessarily a natural fit for every kind of industry. That’s something that Oculus VR founder and Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) creator Palmer Luckey understands. In fact, Luckey recently warned against the use of some of VR in some industries and applications at the 2015 Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) Conference & Expo.


“There a lot people I think trying to shoehorn virtual reality into their latest thing, whether it’s their marketing campaign or their movie campaign or trying to make it part of their fitness tool,” Luckey said during the ‘The Rise of Consumer VR’ panel. “And they’re not doing it because it’s really a good fit. Virtual reality is not a magical cure-all that makes your product relevent or good, it’s just the hipest new thing, and a lot of people are trying to hitch off making it that latest new thing. You know: “Look, our start-up, we have a VR port of our application. It’s poorly implemented and it doesn’t add anything but it’s virtual reality!”

Google’s Clay Bavor, who joined Luckey on the panel, then agreed with him, mocking the idea of including VR on a list of boxes that brands must check. “But I feel like that is something to be aware of in VR,” Luckey continued. “VR is not a perfect solution to all problems in every business in every piece of software like some people imagine it is. It really is only a good fit for certain things and as it gets better there’s going to be industries that today don’t make sense that eventually do make sense.”

In the past, VRFocus has written about the use of VR marketing and the technology’s applications within the fitness industry as areas that perhaps don’t need to be explored. VR could well prove to be revolutionary for many industries, though the desire to include it in other, ill-fitting areas might prove to be damaging in the future.

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