New FOVE Video Explains What Devs Can Do With Eye-Tracking

Earlier this month saw the launch of a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for a new virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) named FOVE. The kit flew past its first funding goal of $250,000 USD in less than 72 hours and now has well over a month left until the campaign’s closure on 4th July 2015. As many will know by now, FOVE’s big feature is integrated eye-tracking that follows the direction of a user’s eyes. This technology has a wide range of potential applications, which is exactly the topic of FOVE’s latest video, seen below.

In the three minute video below FOVE Creative Director Scott Harper discusses the potential uses of eye-tracking in VR. FOVE itself has talked about using the tech for targeting weapons or efficient user interface (UI) navigation in the past, but here Harper and others discuss possibilities for more human interaction and more. There’s also talk of ‘foveated rendering’ a promising feature that allows titles to render specific areas based on where a user is looking, which should help with performance on low-end machines among other benefits.

“We want to work with you, give you the hardware you need and the software you need to make your visions a reality,” the company notes in a Kickstarter update that accompanied the video. “Please tell us what would you do with FOVE?”

Those interested in FOVE can currently pledge $349 to secure an early bird version of the device that will be arriving to backers in May 2016. Backer rewards continue all the way up to $7,500, where ten people will be given the chance to visit FOVE itself in Tokyo, Japan. VRFocus will continue to follow FOVE’s progress closely, reporting back with the latest updates on the kit.