Little Witch Pie Delivery Gets Demo on Gear VR

It’s a busy time for the Gear VR smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD), which has today launched its latest edition, the Gear VR for S6, in the UK and a handful of other European countries. Co-creator Oculus VR has also been running a Mobile VR Jam in search of more content for the device. But all of this isn’t stopping the regular flow of new releases for the kit; today marks the launch of a free demo for a new title named Little Witch Pie Delivery. A brief video showcasing the title’s gameplay can be seen below.

Little Witch Pie Delivery is third-person rail shooter designed specifically for Gear VR. Players assist an apprentice witch named Maya Hiragi on her part time job delivering pies for a shop called Sweet Flight. Maya travels around a town on her broomstick, travelling in the direction of the player’s view though always moving forwards. As she travels, players must steer Maya into fire balls to keep her pies hot. Once players arrive at their goal that will also be presented with a small bonus stage-esque section which they must fly through golden rings.

The title is currently available on both the original version of Gear VR, which supports the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone, and the Gear VR for S6. VRFocus will continue to follow any and all releases for Gear VR, reporting back with the latest updates on them.