First Two Unreal Engine 4-Powered Vive Titles Revealed

Yesterday saw Epic Games confirm that it will soon be shipping a preview version of its Unreal Engine 4.8 out with support for Valve’s SteamVR system. This means that developers will be able to get to grips with unique aspects such as room-scale virtual reality (VR) and the user-tracking systems that will be featured in the developer kits for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD), which itself uses SteamVR. But Epic Games isn’t releasing its support without some examples of its own to talk about; the developer has recently confirmed two demos that utilise Unreal Engine 4 are already working with SteamVR.


The first and more obvious of these is Dovetail Games Fishing, the upcoming fishing simulator from Dovetail Games. Those following HTC Vive will know that this is one of a handful of projects that was revealed for the device back at its announcement at the beginning of March 2015 and was even showcased at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) later that month.

The other title is Showdown, the impressive VR tech demo that originally debuted alongside the Crescent Bay prototype of the Oculus Rift. This action-based demo doesn’t feature any type of interactivity, rather choosing to immerse players in a high-quality scene, the type that many will hope to one day experience in a full VR videogame.

Release details for Dovetail Games Fishing on the HMD are yet to be revealed, as is any possible release of Showdown. HTC Vive is expected to launch in time for holiday 2015, with developer edition kits being sent out to selected studios for free over the course of the coming weeks and months. With so many VR titles already being developed in Unreal Engine 4 for the Oculus Rift, creators will hopefully find it easy to transition their work over to the new HMD, ensuring a strong line-up for the device from launch onwards.

VRFocus will continue to follow the HTC Vive and all of its compatible titles, reporting back with the latest on them.