Dreamworks Launches Dreamworks VR Experiences For Gear VR

Day one of the 2015 Silicon Valley Virtual Reality (SVVR) Conference and Expo has now come to an end, but not without the first major content reveal. Dreamworks Animation’s DreamLab division has announced the launch of the Dreamworks VR platform for the Gear VR smartphone-based VR head-mounted display (HMD).


Three pieces of content have gone live with the launch, the first being a twenty year retrospective piece on the studio entitled ’20 Years of Dreams And Laughter’ that was previously revealed last yearwhilst the other two feature specific film experiences – recent release Home and Madagascar spin-off Penguins of Madagascar. The ‘interactive theatre trailer’ experiences are free to download and are also available on both versions of the Gear VR platform.

Additional content is promised to come in the future with likely contenders being the Dragons franchise following on from Dreamworks’ Dragon Flight promotional VR ride made to promote How To Train Your Dragon 2.

“Our goal is to make sure that everyone has a memorable and fun first time for their VR experiences,” said Brad Herman, Head of DreamLabs, before revealing the platform had just gone live for Samsung’s Gear VR smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD).

VRFocus will bring you more information on the Dreamworks VR platform as we get it and more news and liveblogs from the SVVR Conference & Expo 2015 tomorrow.