Christian Dior Releases Dior Eyes VR HMD Making Of Video

Showing that the awareness of virtual reality’s (VR) cultural relevance and artistic possibilities had spread to even the biggest fashion houses, the industry was surprised this week by an announcement by Christian Dior S.A., better known to the world as simply Dior, that the firm had developed its own VR head-mounted display (HMD).

Dior Eyes 1

The device known as ‘Dior Eyes‘ was created as a part of an experimental new advertising initiative that will be available in a select number of Dior fashion boutiques. The experience takes you behind the scenes of a fashion show to see the work that goes on which customers do not see. Now the fashion house has released a video showing the journey of the Dior Eyes HMD from paper sketch concept, to blueprints, 3D printed mock-up and full device as well as a look at what wearers would be able to see.

“True to its pioneering spirit, the House of Dior has expanded its realm of expertise to high-technology with the creation of a headset that takes virtual reality performance to new heights.” The company states on the video itself also confirming the Dior Eyes experience will be coming out next month.

VR continues to become more mainstream and ever more attractive to advertisers and marketeers. VRFocus will continue to follow the use of the Dior Eyes HMD as well as other examples of VR in marketing.