Widerun Modding Minecraft, Skyrim to Work with VR Biking

Last month VRFocus reported on the launch of a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for Widerun, a new peripheral that allows players to use their bike to ride through virtual reality (VR) experiences. The device was mainly pitched as a fitness-based add-on that would give users the sensation of racing across real courses. However the company behind Widerun has now revealed a unique application for the device, modding real videogames to feature support. An example of this can be seen below using the ever-popular Minecraft.

In the video below the developers of Widerun can be seen racing through Minecraft‘s iconic blocky world on a bike. The developers avoid TNT crates and pick up gold blocks as they speed through the environment. The mod was created in response to fan feedback from a recent Arduino Day event. Intriguingly, the team is currently modding more titles to support the peripheral, including Bethesda Softworks’ open world epic, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Should the kit’s Kickstarter campaign prove successful then these mods could see release.

Widerun consists of  a harness that players fit to the back wheel of their own bike and a steering component that fits to the front wheel. The company behind the device is hoping to raise £30,000 GBP on Kickstarter by 2nd May 2015. Those interested in the experience can currently pledge £250 to secure a trainer kit without the steering module. Slots are still available for a limited tier that offers the full kit for for £275.

VRFocus will continue to follow Widerun’s progress, reporting back with the latest updates on the device.