Virtual Desktop Mod Allows Oculus Users to Watch TV with Homer Simpson

As VRFocus explored in a recent VR vs. feature, ever-popular American comedy show The Simpsons was able to predict the future of virtual reality (VR) technology long before its revival came about. But while America’s favourite family has already made plenty of gags about VR, the cast of Springfield are yet to appear within their own VR experience. That recently changed thanks to a mod for the popular Virtual Desktop application that allows VR users to spend some quality time with the show’s most iconic character.

As it stands, Virtual Desktop allows users to operate their PC from inside the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD), presenting their screen in a virtual space. This mod, created by designer Myles Johnston and named HomerTheater, changes that virtual space to the living room of the Simpson residence. As Geek reports, users will find themselves sitting on the family’s unmistakeable couch, with their PC’s screen now disguised as the TV set. Looking to the right, players will find none other than Homer Simpson sitting right next to them.

It’s possible to use Virtual Desktop to do just about anything with a laptop as per usual, meaning players could simply watch TV alongside Homer as if appearing in the show themselves. The piece is currently a work-in-progress, and there’s no word on when Johnston might be able to offer up the complete version. Virtual Desktop is a free app, however, so anyone interested can download it from its official site right now. A video of the Johnston’s work on HomerTheater can also be seen below.

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