Smash Hit Plunder Developer To Enter Oculus VR Jam With Double Destruction

Speaking on the Oculus forum, game designer Katie Goode today revealed that Triangular Pixels (creators of Smash Hit Plunder) have joined the growing list of independent developers who have entered into the Oculus VR Jam 2015. The title, ‘Double Destruction’, looks to be a two player co-operative videogame, with gameplay that is a combination of exploration and escort mission.


The first user uses a tablet to illuminate rooms and defend their partner from the attentions of ghosts, whilst the shrunken second player uses the Samsung Gear VR smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD) and navigates the level in virtual reality (VR), looking for a way to return themselves to normal.  Double Destruction‘s mechanics will also include movement speed affecting the condition of the lantern flame and fuel resources management, according to the post.

Goode, who VRFocus recently interviewed,  explains that Triangular Pixels are specifically aiming for a shared experience that is both ‘social’ and ‘approachable’.

“VR has a much broader range of audience than most other games. People old and young wish to experience and share it.” Goode explains, before also addressing the reason for the co-op being a tablet/VR split.

“The chances of players having two VR devices, let alone two Gear VRs, is very small – so we didn’t want to produce a mode which hard[ly] anyone will be able to enjoy.”

Double Destruction - Tablet View

VRFocus will continue to follow and bring you news on Double Destruction and and other projects taking part in the 2015 Oculus VR Jam.