Roto VR Cancels Kickstarter Campaign

The past month has been a tough one for those working on Roto VR, a device intended to enhance turning in virtual reality (VR) experiences. The company behind the kit launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign in early March 2015, looking to raise £85,000 GBP in order to bring it to market later in the year. Sadly, said campaign had raised just £11,160 of that goal as it neared its final deadline with the help of 51 backers. Thus, Roto VR has now cancelled its Kickstarter campaign ahead of its intended closing date.

Roto VR 630x350

“To all our backers, supporters and well wishers, we would like thank you all so much for the positive reaction we’ve received with our Roto campaign,” The company noted in a Kickstarter update following the cancellation. “Please don’t be disheartened that we’ve decided to pull our Kickstarter (for now), as we’re unlikely to reach our target at this time.

“Whilst Roto may be a little too early for the consumer VR market, the ever growing number of Blue Chip entrants to the headset market is only increasing our excitement to launch.”

Roto VR consisted of a motorised base that could be used with a swivel chair and controlled by a foot pad to allow users to turn both in real life and in any VR experience at the same time. Kickstarter backers could either get the kit to apply to their own chair or order an entire set up. VRFocus sampled the device with Alien: Isolation at EGX Rezzed 2015 and found promise in its concept, even if advances with head-mounted displays (HMDs) such as the HTC Vive threaten to outdate it in the near future.

The ‘for now’ excerpt of Roto VR’s closing comments suggest that another attempt at a Kickstarter campaign may be possible in the future, though the company hasn’t confirmed if this will be the case. VRFocus will continue to follow Roto VR, reporting back with any further updates on the kit.