Reflections Now Available to Pre-Order

Following a successful Steam Greenlight campaign, Broken Window Studios has launched the pre-order campaign for their forthcoming virtual reality (VR) title, Reflections. Those who register their interest for Reflections early will receive a 33 percent discount off the launch price.


Reflections is a real-world adventure videogame wherein the player is encouraged to act much as they would in real-life. Actions have meaningful consequences that will alter not just the world around you, but also the progression of the storyline. As with Broken Window Studios’ other project, Grave, Reflections is designed for use with a VR head-mounted display (HMD), but can be played on a traditional 2D monitor also.

Currently in development for Windows, Mac and Linux PC formats as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Reflections will launch via Steam next month and on consoles later in the year. You can pre-order the videogame for $9.99 USD (the launch price on PC will be $14.99) from the official Reflections website and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details from Broken Window Studios.