Reality 51 Reveal Coming Thursday

Earlier in the month VRFocus reported on the tease of Reality 51, a possible new virtual reality (VR) dedicated division of Get Even developer The Farm 51. Little information was revealed at the time, though it was revealed that the new team was showcasing VR versions cars from Arrinera Automotive SA at the 2015 Pozna? Motor Show from 10th – 12th April 2015. It looks like new information on Reality 51 will arrive soon, however.


The group’s official Facebook page suggests as much, having posted a recent update in Polish. A translation reads: “This Thursday will host a conference devoted entirely to Reality 51, which tell about the technology and show first materials. This will be the official “start” of the project.” The group’s presence at the Pozna? Motor Show earlier this month suggests that it could be dedicated to making VR marketing experience as opposed to videogames such as Get Even, but what could the ‘start’ of the project refer to?

In the meantime, The Farm 51 continues to work on Get Even, its VR compatible first-person shooter (FPS) that’s aiming to support both the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus head-mounted displays (HMDs). VRFocus will continue to follow both The Farm 51 and Reality 51, reporting back with any further updates from the teams.