New Kôna Video Reveals English Voice Over Cast

Indie developer Parabole is embracing its mother tongue with upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible adventure title, Kôna. When VRFocus first spoke to the studio about the videogame back in 2014, the team encouraged players to first try the experience with French voice acting with subtitles enabled. However, Parabole will also be offering English voice over work for those that wish to hear the title in their own language. This week the developer has revealed a first look at that voice acting.

In the thirty-second clip, as seen below, fans can hear the English version of Kôna‘s narrator describing the title’s events to the player as they explore. The player enters a home in the deserted area of Northern Quebec in which the videogame is set and has certain items that they inspect described to them by this narrator.

Kôna features full support for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). The title casts players a Carl Faubert, a private investigator hired to look into vandalism at a rich industrialist’s home. Upon arriving at the scene, however, players find the entire area deserted and must search for clues as to what has transpired. Parabole recently confirmed that it would be launching an Early Access version of the title in July 2015, with the release of the first of four episodes following on in September.

VRFocus will continue to follow Kôna closely, reporting back with any further updates on the title.