Immersive Tech Demo ‘Breath’ Comes To Oculus VR Share

Much like ‘DEEP‘, which we recently reported on at VRFocus, ‘Breath‘ is related to breathing however whilst DEEP was about controlling your breathing this tech demo showcases how a virtual reality (VR) experience can become more immersive through breath detection. By using a microphone positioned in front of your mouth the effects of your breath are shown in various environments.

Breath Tech Demo - Screenshot 1

The demo contains four locations:

Cold Area – Showcases you seeing a condensation cloud of your breath both in regularity and intensity.

Under Water – Showing the same effect, but with water bubbles coming from your mouth.

Low Oxygen – Your breathing noise is altered when you breathe to produce the sound of a laboured breath being taken and then exhaled. It is designed to make you feel less at ease.

Interactive/Dusty Area – You are able to use your breath to interact with room elements, such as disturbing dust on surfaces or blowing out a candle.

‘Breath Tech Demo’  is available now on Oculus VR Share and is compatible with the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted device (HMD).

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