Golf Masters Confirmed for HTC Vive, Demo Now Available [UPDATE]

Prolific virtual reality (VR) developer Ghost Machine has today announced that their newest project, Golf Masters, is officially being developed for the recently announced HTC Vive. A demo version of the videogame, compatible with the Oculus Rift head-mounted displays (HMDs), has also been made available for download today.

Golf Masters is designed to play just like real life golf, complete with realistic ball and wind physics that determine your results on the fly. Shoot for the hole and pull in the lowest scores for the course in order to emerge victorious. The early playable demo of Golf Masters was developed internally at the VR studio, and is available now via Ghost Machine’s official website.


Golf Masters takes virtual golfing to a new level and is a perfect match for VR,” states Neal Nellans, CEO of Ghost Machine. “Standing on the tee at one of the virtual golf holes that our team has built is an incredibly immersive experience that truly makes you feel like you are standing on the course.”

Ghost Machine has launched a Steam Greenlight campaign for Golf Masters today, aiming for inclusion in the growing Steam VR library. This release will mark the fifth VR videogame Ghost Machine will offer to customers on the digital downloading service following Motorsport Revolution and Superbike TT, both of which went on sale on Valve’s hugely popular digital distribution platform earlier this year.

“VR Golf is a personal project that I’ve been working with an internal team to develop. As soon as I heard of the latest room tracking technology from Valve and other hardware makers, I knew that virtual golf would be a perfect fit,” offers Nellans.


Golf Masters is expected to be available on Steam VR with support for the latest Oculus Rift HMD and the upcoming HTC Vive, as well as a standard version for those not owning a VR HMD, in Winter of 2015. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on Golf Masters and other forthcoming releases from Ghost Machine.

UPDATE: Ghost Machine has clarified that the version of Golf Masters currently available is in fact an ‘early alpha test version with playable 18 holes’ as opposed to a demo of the forthcoming VR edition of the videogame. VRFocus apologises for the error.