Debut Fated Screenshots Revealed

Frima Studios have revealed the first official screenshots taken from their forthcoming virtual reality (VR) videogame, Fated. Showcasing the videogame’s environments, these work-in-progress images formed part of a blog update discussing the videogame’s art direction.

Little is currently known about Fated aside from the principles of the story: set in the mythical age of Vikings, the player will embark upon a quest that demands both courage and sacrifice. An everyday family man must do the impossible to protect his loved ones from destruction at the hands of mythological giants.


“Developing graphics for VR is an awesome challenge! It’s an all new playing field with whole new constraints and rules,” states Étienne Carrier, Technical Artist on Fated, on the videogame’s official development blog. “I’m learning new tricks every day, and through this blog I aim to share them with you.”

The two debut screenshots from Fated can be seen on this page. VRFocus recently got hands-on with an experimental version of Fated and will bring you a preview in the near future.