Zombie Motorcross Available on Oculus VR Share

Recently made available on Oculus VR Share is surreal virtual reality (VR) title Zombie Motorcross. The title allows people to ride around a city full of zombies and shoot them. It is currently compatible with the second iteration of Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

In a post apocalyptic city filled with zombies, players must make their way through shooting all the player encounters. Using a total of three weapons including a pistol, machine gun and a rifle, players are able to kill different zombies. There are two types of these creatures that players will have to look out for. The first is the sluggish fatter zombie, the second is the skinny more agile ones which if they aren’t killed fast enough will attack the bike. To control the bike players must use the positional tracking to tilt the motorcycle.

Zombie Motorcross

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