Z0NE Unveils New Video Showing Demo Reactions

This week at PAX East, indie developer PixelRouter showed off a demo to random people in the line for the Oculus VR booth. Demoed at the event was virtual reality (VR) rail shooter Z0NE which was originally called Rift Wars. During PAX East a video was recorded showing some gameplay aspects as well as reactions from players. Their reactions were then recorded for a new video which can currently be seen below. The title is compatible with Samsung’s Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD).

Z0NE puts players in the cockpit of an armed aircraft which is constantly moving forward. Using the gun in the front users must shoot small boxes to release gems. To acquire the gems, the players must look at in order to activate a tractor beam. Gems collected will increase the score multiplier.

In the video, the there are many scenes detailing the gameplay as well as a multitude of different reactions. The location featured is the two hour waiting line for the Oculus VR booth. A lot of the reactions include comments on the immersion of the Gear VR as it isn’t a 360 degree experience. The title keeps players focused on the action in front

It is unclear when the title intends to release however, VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest from Z0NE.