Virtual & Augmented Reality Summit Coming this April

Today saw the announcement of another event set to feature virtual reality (VR) in the early part of this year, the Virtual & Augmented Reality Summit. Set to take place in Los Angeles, California, beginning 27th April 2015, the Virtual & Augmented Reality Summit will offer a long list of panellists including Ted Schilowitz, Futurist and VR explorer at 20th Century FOX, and Brad Herman, ?Head of DreamLab, Dreamworks.

The first day of the event, entitled ‘The VR Evening Summit’, will play host to three VR sessions: ‘The Rise of Virtual Reality: The Industry Visionaries and Innovators’, ‘Virtual Reality: Technologies, Platforms and Projects’ and ‘Hollywood & Virtual Reality: Opportunities at the Intersection of Content and Technology’. Additional workshops will run from 10am – 6pm PST on 29th April, including NextVR’s co-founder, David Cole, discussing ‘History of VR & AR: What It Was, What It Is, What It Will Be’ and an alternative track catering to out-of-home entertainment enthusiasts; ‘VR in the Out-of-Home Entertainment Sector’.


“There have been false starts in the introduction of new technologies and there have been technologies that stay forever,” reads the official website for the Virtual & Augmented Reality Summit. “Welcome to the Evening Summit on Virtual Reality and you will be convinced that this time it’s for real. Virtual Reality arrives in 2015 and will be at the core of the entertainment industry’s future.”

The Virtual & Augmented Reality Summit will commence on 27th April 2015, with key sessions and workshops scheduled for 28th – 29th April. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Virtual & Augmented Reality Summit as it approaches.