Unello Design’s Lemke to Host Open Talk in Convrge

Aaron Lemke, founder of Unello Design and creator of the popular virtual reality (VR) experience Eden River, will today host a live discussion with the VR community. Streamed live via Convrge, the talk is open to all and accessible via either the Convrge VR app or in a desktop view.

Unello Design’s Eden River made it’s debut via Steam Early Access back in August 2014, shortly followed by a full launch for Oculus Rift development kits and the Google Cardboard platform. Since that release Unello Design has moved on to a new project, Lunadroid 237, of which a demo version is currently available to download via the Oculus Share platform.


The discussion will commence at 9pm EST (1am GMT, 11th March 2015), and will be available to view via Convrge.co. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest talks happening in Convrge and further projects coming from Unello Design.