Southwest VR Conference Talks Now Available Online

Last month saw the SouthWest Virtual Reality Conference (SWVRC) take place in Bristol, UK. The event was packed with talks from key members of the virtual reality (VR) community, offering tips on development and more. Recently the organisers behind the event have posted each of these talks online for all to see and are listed below now.

First up was Sony Computer Entertainments (SCE) Dave Ranyard with his panel titled ‘A New World to Explore’ in which he discussed what he thought made great VR content. Ranyard mentioned that a combination of presence, immersion and a having an experience that you couldn’t have anywhere else but in VR.

Following that was a talk from Bossa Studios’ Henrique Olifiers who has worked on titles like Surgeon Simulator. Olifiers talk was titled ‘They who matter: the players and their first VR experience’. During this, he stated the importance of the first VR experience being a make or break circumstance for the technology. He had also stressed the importance of not overloading someone’s senses with a ‘shock and awe’ approach as the technology is already immersing the player.

Other VR companies’ and industry persons’ panels include Fierce Kaiju, nDreams, Ultra Haptics, Alchemy VR, Stephen Gray, Immersive.ly, Triangular Pixels, Ana Ribeiro, Fire Panda and finally Fierce Kaiju.

VRFocus will continue to keep you updated on the latest VR content.