Sony on Project Morpheus: Price has to be ‘Right from Day One’

With the Project Morpheus virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) still in its prototype stage, creator Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) isn’t really ready to talk about price points for the consumer version of the kit. That said, the updated version of the device, shown at the 2015 Game Developers Conference (GDC) this week, is said to be ‘near final’ in terms of design. Add to that the looming 2016 release and SCE notes that the price for Project Morpheus will have to be ‘right from day one’ to help the kit succeed.


Shuhei Yoshida, SCE’s Head of Worldwide Studios, said as much to Polygon in an interview at this week’s event. “Now we feel that we have the system, we have passed the threshold that we set out. Then, how cheap we can deliver to the consumer? That’s the second question we’re going to tackle,” Yoshida said. “The number of people who will buy day one hardware will be some kind of reverse function of price, that we understand, but we really need to do it right from day one.”

Yoshida concluded that Project Morpheus will of course lower in price with time, just as the PlayStation 4 will. With this in mind, there will come a day when the kit is viable for more than just enthusiast consumers.

The most recent iteration of Project Morpheus boasts a 1080p OLED display with low latency head-tracking and a 120Hz refresh rate. One of the more unique features to this HMD is the ability to flip the device’s front open, allowing users to quickly peer into the real world instead of having the remove the kit itself. A handful of new demos also debuted with the device although SCE is set to talk about full videogames at this year’s E3 from 16th – 18th June. The consumer version of the kit will be launching in the first half of next year.

VRFocus will continue to follow Project Morpheus closely, reporting back with any further updates on the kit.