Roto VR Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Virtual reality (VR) device Roto VR has today launched its Kickstarter campaign. The chair is a rotating chair which users can spin thus reducing motion sickness. It is due to be compatible with most VR head-mounted displays (HMD) including the Oculus Rift and Samsung’s Gear VR. The Kickstarter campaign is aiming to raise £85,000 GBP.

Roto VR has a multitude of features. Being around the same size as a swivel chair, it won’t take up a great deal of room. The device can come with an array of accessories including a table so that players are able to mount existing devices, like a steering wheel or keyboard. To ensure versatility, it is compatible with most VR HMDs through either wires or Bluetooth for Samsung’s Gear VR. These wires can also be plugged into an adaptor so that they do not tangle as the player turns.

Roto VR 630x350

Interestingly it was designed with film makers and developers in mind as the controls can be overridden to direct users towards action. This is in order to ensure players don’t miss anything. The foot pedals are ordinarily used to turn the chair however they can be used as a controller to accelerate or walk through a videogame. One of the main points is that it can reduce the nausea felt during VR by turning with the player.

The device aims to finish production and ship at the end of October 2015 so that consumers can receive them by December. VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest from Roto VR and other ongoing VR Kickstarter campaigns.