Radial-G Details Second Early Access Update

Those that follow indie developer Tammeka Games’ virtual reality (VR) compatible sci-fi racing title Radial-G will be well aware of the update schedule for the Early Access version of the videogame. The UK-based developer launched its first major upgrade for its project a few weeks back and plans two more before a full launch, which is aiming for May 2015. Update #2 is now just a week or so away, with the team hoping to launch in early April. Recently Tammeka Games detailed just what players can expect in this next content drop.


Added to Radial-G in the new update are two new speed classes. The developer notes that one of these will be slightly slower than the current class while the other will be faster. The studio will also be adding in leaderboards so that friends can check their lap times of compete on the global Top 10 rankings. Tweaks to each vehicle’s handling have also been carried out, increasing the variation between types. Of course, new courses and music tracks will also be added into the new version of the title.

“We have also partnered with Razer and the OSVR HMD to bring more options to which VR HMD you can use with the game,” the developer noted in its Steam update. “Whilst not available to purchase at the moment, they should be available just after we launch the full release of the game at the end of May.”

Tammeka Games also noted that it is ‘preparing development’ for the planned PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Radial-G. The studio confirmed that it was in possession of development kits for the former a few weeks ago and has even announced that it has a development kit for the Project Morpheus head-mounted display (HMD). Just today, the team also confirmed it will soon have a development kit for the Xbox One.

VRFocus will continue to follow Radial-G‘s progress closely, reporting back with any further updates on the title.