Project Morpheus’ The Deep Receives New Build

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) are today holding a briefing aimed directly at the virtual reality (VR) community, in which they have revealed a number of new improvements. Not only has the hardware itself been updated and a release window revealed, but London Studio’s The Deep has received something of a renovation.

The Deep was one of the very first titles used to demonstrate Project Morpheus at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), San Francisco, last year. VRFocus got hands-on with the title at the time, stating; “The Deep may not redefine what we expect from the technology, but it’s a wonderful example to offer those still confused by it’s potential.”


Though not yet offered as a playable build – the expectation is that this will come later today – SCEA has revealed that the new build features a selection of brand new sea creatures. Furthermore, the visual quality of the videogame has received a significant overhaul in order to benefit from the upgraded hardware that this new Project Morpheus prototype offers. VRFocus is currently in San Francisco and will bring you an updated hands-on preview of The Deep in the very near future.