Owlchemy Labs Show off Teaser For Job Simulator

Owlchemy Labs has recently announced its new title Job Simulator which is due to demo at Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2015. Following this, a seven second teaser was released for the title. The videogame is due to demo on HTC’s new head-mounted display (HMD) named the HTC Vive. The trailer came after the announcement from Valve detailing its new virtual reality (VR) HMD as well as the partners for the device.

Job Simulator is set in 2050 where robots have been created to take care of people by doing their chores. As seen in screenshots and trailers, this includes cleaning and also cooking. Although the title will be making its debut at the GDC 2015 on the new HTC system, it is being developed to run on SteamVR, Oculus Rift as well as other currently unknown VR HMD’s.

The teaser only features seven seconds of gameplay. However, it is shown that players will have to cook according to certain instructions by using different foods and condiments to create the meal. It appears that the player will be using the characters hands to pickup different objects in order to perform different tasks. It is currently not known what chores will be presented to the player.

It is currently not know how players will use the SteamVR base stations to play the title, however it is set to be a VR exclusive. VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest from Owlchemy Labs.