Oculus Taking Questions for Friday SXSW Panel, Livestream Coming

Virtual reality (VR) specialist Oculus VR is known for trying to keep an open channel with its fans, with key staff regularly replying to threads on Reddit and engaging with the community via Twitter. However it’s rare that the company will leave itself open to user questions from its fans at a live event. That said, the company will be doing just that on 13th March 2015 at the South By Southwest (SXSW) panel in Austin, Texas. Oculus VR is now taking questions for its ‘Explore the Future of VR’ panel.


The panel gets underway at 17:30 CT and features Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) creator Palmer Luckey along with VP of Product Nate Mitchell and Hardware Engineer Ryan Brown. Paul Bettner of Lucky’s Tale developer Playful Corp will also be joining the show. Oculus VR itself is publishing Lucky’s Tale on PC. Ahead of the event Oculus VR has opened a new Reddit thread where it is fielding questions to be read out. Fans can also submit their queries via Twitter, using #OculusQA. A livestream of the event will also be held via SXSW’s gaming Twitch channel.

Oculus VR’s presence at SXSW is becoming something of a tradition, with a similar panel taking place last year. The event should prove to be a big weekend for VR in general, with a huge amount of talks, panels and workshops dedicated to the technology set to take place from 13th – 17th March. Fans can expect sessions ranging from cinematic VR, looking at trailblazers working with the technology and even a talk on ‘Casual VR’, with Oculus VR’s Head of Worldwide Studios, Jason Rubin, also set to make an appearance. Outside of Oculus VR and Playful Corp. speakers include companies such as Jaunt and more.

VRFocus will follow SXSW closely, bringing you the latest from the show.