Nuren: The New Renaissance Wins Funding From Epic Games

Recently Epic Games announced its $5,000,000 USD fund to empower innovative new projects in development which use the Unreal Engine 4. This is a way for Unreal Engine to provide developers with the necessary funding to create new innovative IP’s. This week at the Game Developers Conference 2015 (GDC) the funding of independent artists has just announced the first to win prizes.

Among them is a title that VRFocus is familiar with. Nuren: The New Renaissance is a musical virtual reality (VR) experience. Using music, the 3D VR film immerses the player in a pulsing cityscape which reacts to the tempo of the music. Using a mixture of colour, music and voice over scenes has created a unique experience according to the developers. Described as being a rock opera, it takes its inspiration from Fantasia, Space Channel 5, TRON, Ghost in the Shell, Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, and the Animatrix.


Nuren: The New Renaissance follows the story of android twins who go from being fugitives on the run, to being heroes. The full release will take audiences through an array of different locations from sterile labs to burning deserts. The team at CP Industries have hired a group of veteran videogame developers keen on bringing the concept to life.

Other non VR titles which have won funding are Dead Static Drive and Koola. VRFocus will keep you updated as this develops.