Multiplayer VR Available on Oculus VR Share

Multiplayer VR is a new virtual reality (VR) experience based on social VR communication. The videogame was developed by Kevin Gulling who had also designed A-Maze-Ing VR, a maze based title. The developer has created a small multiplayer space for people to communicate and engage in small features together. The .

Users are playing as small capsules which are able to change colour. Around the player is space as well as a dance floor with an alien DJ. Together users can engage in several activities like dancing to the music as well as floating in space. Rocket trips are also available around the earth. Also buttons are included which players will have to jump on. However it will only go down if you have the write amount of people on the button. The buttons will do things to the world around you. The player can find them all.Multiplayer VR

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