Mountain Dew Creates New Snowboarding VR Experience

Previously VRFocus  has reported on Mountain Dew’s comments on the applications of virtual reality (VR) in advertising as well as releasing their own skateboarding experience. Now the energy drink company has released a new VR snowboarding experience for Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) as well as Samsung’s Gear VR.

The title allows the audience to ride on the slopes of Utah with Olympic snowboarders Scotty Lago, Danny Davis and Jack Mitrani. Users will be able to experience the intense snowboarding as the athletes take the audience on a 360 degree adventure. The title is to be made available in the near future on Samsung’s video sharing platform Milk VR. Mountain Dew’s digital brand manager, Christine Ngo stated to The Drum: “We really love our fans so we’re always trying to find more ways to bring them closer to experiences that they love,” adding that Mountain Dew fans tend to love skateboarding, snowboarding, and action sports in general”.


Mountain Dew has also filmed a 360 degree skateboarding experience with pro skater Paul Rodriguez for two minutes. Mountain Dew have experessed their interest in VR for sometime, going as far as stating that ‘advertisement is 100 percent going in that direction’. Though many are apprehensive to take on VR until full consumer release, companies like Mountain Dew aim to take on VR as a new medium for advertising.

VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest from Mountain Dew’s VR experiences.