First Party Developers Working on Content For Microsoft’s HoloLens

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this week Microsoft detailed the future of Gaming Across the Microsoft Ecosystem’. During the session, Xbox head Phil Spencer talked about the hologram based device the HoloLens. The glasses use hard augmented reality (AR) to create holograms for the user to interact with. However Spencer stated that first-party videogame developers have been working on content for the device.

Previously in the unveiling video for the device, the audience saw the applications of videogames. Most notably Minecraft featured as being a new way of playing. Digital Spy wrote that Spencer stated to the audience “that studios are “active” in developing games, and that their efforts are set to be shown this year”. Mainly, HoloLens intends on bringing a new style of interactive environment using this type of ‘hard AR’.


Though the first-party developers working on these titles are yet to be announced, many virtual reality (VR) development teams have expressed a great interest in the device and all it can offer the videogaming community. The HoloLens itself was shown in use not just in videogames, but In creative industries, office environments and general use for apps like Netflix.

Currently, the release of the device is not known, however evidence suggests that it may be a long while before enthusiasts see a release date. VRFocus will keep you updated as these progresses.