Dungeons of Aledorn To Receive VR Support

Team 21 has revealed to VRFocus that its recently unveiled Kickstarter project, Dungeons of Aledorn will support virtual reality (VR). The studio is currently working to implement compatibility with the Oculus RIft head-mounted display (HMD).The title is reminiscent of old hardcore dungeon crawlers.

Dungeons of Aledorn features a lot of classical top down RPG features including a turn based combat system as well as dialogue choices with in game non playable characters (NPC). It takes its inspiration from titles such as Betrayal at Krondor, Realms of Arcania: Shadows over Riva, Might & Magic, King’s Bounty and the Fallout series.


Although it is a fantasy title with magic and different playable races, the videogame is focused in giving players a sense of realism. What is meant by this is that the character can do anything they can conceivably think of. This means that the user can perform a multitude of combat options as well as access multiple in-game choices. Also the videogame will ensure players rather than being restricted, find solutions to situations like a difficult boss.

The Kickstarter page has a vast selection of rewards for those who pay certain amounts to the project. Currently the team is asking for $60,000 USD. The deadline is the 10th April 2015. VRFocus will keep you updated as this title progresses.