DroneGP 15 Launches Greenlight Campaign

Recently developer Frozen Pepper launched its Steam Greenlight campaign for the new style of virtual reality (VR) racing videogame Drone GP. The hope it to get enough up-votes to release on Valves digital sharing platform. Unlike most racing titles which allow players to drive a car or ride a motorcycle, Drone GP pits quad-copter drones against each other. The title is due to receive Oculus Rift head-mounted display compatibility before release. 

Players will be piloting these small drones using the same mechanics found in most other racing titles. The main drive is the physics, as the developer wants the races to be as realistic as they can be. Currently the title has an alpha demo with one track and drone. However, as stated on the Steam page, the controls will take a lot of getting used to so it is important for players take time to practice.


AI in the videogame is intended to be fiercely competitive in order to give players a challenge. All drones will have a ‘flight controller’ like their real life counterparts which allows players to switch to an easier flight control mode by limiting the amount of tilt or limiting the speeds.

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