Crytek: ‘VR has a transformation power’

Crytek’s work in virtual reality (VR) stepped up a gear at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) earlier this week, with the company confirming that CryEngine 3 would soon offer full support for VR development and the outing of a second VR demo. But why has the company decided to jump on board the VR bandwagon all of a sudden? According to CEO and President Cevat Yerli, that decision has been a long time coming.

“So, a couple of months ago we said ‘what is VR for us?’ We saw that, VR for us, in a way, is a resetting of the game space. We think that’s the future of gaming,” offered Yerli in an interview with VRFocus. “For me that ignition point for the future of PC gaming was the… one of the key points was the nVidia GeForce 3 chip, which had the first programmable shaders.”


Yerli is open about the affect he believes Crytek has had on pushing the visual envelope for graphical fidelity in videogames, but recognises that VR is a potentially much bigger than just one company. It’s not a case of simply upping the bar for everybody; all parties involved need to work together to make it a success.

“In a much bigger scale, as in VR has a transformation power for game graphics and game worlds, from immersive screens to being present in an immersive world. And that’s something we have been talking [about] for years, as soon as we heard about VR; this is going to be the key differentiator between seeing and being ‘there’,” stated Yerli.

Many big name developers have begun sharing their commitment to VR on public platforms. Epic Games’ Showdown technical demo has continued to impress since it’s debut at Oculus Connect, Hollywood, in September last year and Valve debuted their own hardware partnership, Vive, at GDC, San Francisco, earlier this month. VRFocus will continue to follow all of these companies’ work in VR as well as bringing you the full interview with Yerli later this week.