Crytek Unveils CryENGINE Updates, Back To Dinosaur Island Demo

Yesterday’s graphics talk may have been about Unreal Engine 4, but today is Crytek’s turn to wow the crowds at the 2015 Game Developers Conference (GDC). The company has unveiled the latest iteration of the acclaimed CryENGINE, complete with trailers showcasing the technology in action and the work of various CryENGINE licensees.

Crytek is employing CryENGINE in another item unveiled at GDC, a new demo entitled ‘Back to Dinosaur Island’ which is being shown using Oculus VR’s Crescent Bay virtual reality headset.

Crytek producer Fatih Özbayram described the contents of the demo via Twitter:

“Our demo has a variety of interactions. One of them is the interaction with a Hollywood feel T-Rex which mimics your head movements. The narrative [of] our demo is you being a baby dinosaur sitting in the middle of a nest of other dinosaur babies about to hatch. We’ve chosen dinosaurs as we wanted to nod to the origins of Crytek.”

GDC 2015 - Back To Dinosaur Island

GDC attendees can try Back to Dinosaur Island at the Crytek booth. VRFocus will continue to update you on the latest news in VR technology as we get it.  Click here to see the latest from GDC 2015.