CCP Games Teases New Gear VR, Oculus Rift Work at GDC 2015

There was so much virtual reality (VR) related news to come out of last week’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) that fans would have had a hard time staying on top of it all. That made it easy to miss several teases from CCP Games, the studio behind the popular EVE franchise which is currently working on EVE: Valkyrie for the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus head-mounted displays (HMD). However, instead of teases for its upcoming multiplayer flight sim, it looks like the developer is pointing towards some new VR tech demos for the Oculus rift and beyond.

CCP Games Hilmar Veigar made a series of tweets and retweets coming out of GDC 2015 that suggest the team was been working on far more than just EVE: Valkyrie in VR. Veigar posted several images of people using the Oculus Rift’s Crescent Bay prototype while standing. A retweet from Epic Games’ Paul Meegan reveals exactly what these people were playing: “Played @CCPGames disk throwing game – multiplayer in VR! – with my friend @HilmarVeigar,” the tweet reads. “Cameras let you see your competitor in cyberspace.”

But that’s not all the company was showing at these year’s event. Veigar also posted a tweet that read “CCP tech demos are fun 🙂 #gearvr,” with a picture of himself using the Gear VR smartphone-based HMD attached, as seen below. Back in January VRFocus reported on Veigar offering a similar tease, suggesting a reveal of its work at the upcoming EVE Fanfest. This year’s fan event takes place from 19th – 21st March; hopefully a more transparent reveal of the company’s work in VR will take place.

It’s certainly intriguing to see CCP Games expand its work in VR, especially as this serves as some of the first software the team has display outside of its EVE universe. EVE: Valkyrie in particular is one of the more anticipated VR videogames on the horizon, offering intense multiplayer battles. VRFocus will continue to follow CCP Games work in VR, reporting back with any further updates.