3D Drawing Application Tilt Brush Coming to HTC Vive

Today marked the announcement of HTC’s Vive, a virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) made in conjunction with highly acclaimed videogame developer Valve. With the announcement came a wide array of companies who have partnered with the device. Included among these is artistic software Tilt Brush which allows people to paint in 3D.

Tilt Brush allows artists to create 3D art using a VR HMD. Using an array of different brush strokes, people are able to create an entire gallery of VR art. The software adds a new dimension to 2D artwork to create 3D drawings.. Animations are also offered in order to create environments with different effects like snow or the intense light from a volcano. Users are then able to convert the drawing into an auto gif so that the artwork is available to be shared. Finally the creation is able to be shared on the Tilt Brush Gallery. Currently it is only available on Google Cardboard.

Tilt brush

The title was nominated for three Proto awards which celebrate the best VR applications. The software was nominated for ‘best interaction design, most innovative, and best overall virtual reality application’. However it did win the ‘best graphics interface’ award.

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