War Thunder Gets New Screenshots

Previously VRFocus reported on Gajin Entertainment’s massive multiplayer online title War Thunder. Recently the title received a large update which added new features and vehicles. Screenshots were released displaying some of the new vehicles and features. The title is compatible with the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD).

War Thunder is a MMO videogame which allows players to combat World War 2 vehicles. Using a wide array of American, Japanese, German and British tanks and aircraft players can battle each other. On the ground users are able to fire at each other in several different environments including small villages or open fields. In the skies, aircrafts with different speeds and weapons can engage in dog fights in an attempt to shoot each other down. Others however may prefer to rain down explosives from above using one of the many bombers.

In the screenshots below, there are different vehicles which are now available to the player including the B-29 super fortress as well as many different tanks. However the main features are the difference when it comes to driving off road as tanks will now leave tracks. There is also an image of a tank firing its main cannon causing the new heat distortion effect. Also aircraft are seen to leave behind vapour trails like they do in real life.

VRFocus will keep you updates on the latest from War Thunder.

WarThunder_B-29 WarThunder_B-29_2 WarThunder_B-57B-2 WarThunder_Dirt_1 WarThunder_Dirt_2 WarThunder_Heat_Haze WarThunder_IL-2 WarThunder_Maus WarThunder_screens_ish