SWVRC 2015: ‘How to build a VR company’ with Innerspace Liveblog

Virtual reality (VR) is a young technology. That means that there are swarms of new companies looking to get involved in VR and make a name for themselves, either through hardware or software. Indie developed Innerspace will be looking at this today as it discusses ‘How to build a VR company’ at the 2015 South West Virtual Reality Conference (SWVRC). VRFocus will be liveblogging the talk from Andre Lorenceau below.

Innerspace has already released its first VR experience in Playhead, a music-based videogame for the Gear VR smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD). Just what the future holds for the company is unclear at this point. VRFocus is at SWVRC to report on all of the latest VR updates.