STRAFE Gets New ‘Broken’ Demo

Previously virtual reality (VR) arcade shooter STRAFE launched its Kickstarter campaign to get funding for the title. The videogame puts players in a first person gory shooter in which they will have to make their way through levels to survive. It is set to be compatible with the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) though there is a standard version. As the end of its Kickstarter draws near, a demo has been released for STRAFE due to fan request despite not being finished.

STRAFE’s ‘Speed Run Zone’ is a modified alpha version of the title. As it says on the videogame’s Kickstarter page, the title is ‘broken’ as the developers state that it is bound to have issues. The final version will include all the secrets, procedural level generation and finished AI. However, the demo will have a high score system that people will be able to try beat.


The title is an over the top comedic shooter with a huge emphasis on gore. One of the key features is that the ‘mess’ the player creates will remain until the level is completed. When the player dies, the level will change through procedural generation. Using an array weapons including the machine gun, shotgun and rail gun, players will make their way through shooting every hostile they come across. The quicker the level is completed and the higher the amount of hostiles killed,  the higher the score.

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