Samsung’s Gear VR Shipping Date Pushed Back

Previously VRFocus reported on the release of Samsung’s virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) the Gear VR bundle in the UK. The Gear VR quickly sold out within 6 hours of being available. Though it was due to ship on the 4th, on Samsung’s website the dates have changed.

As many Samsung stores around the UK had stocked the device and gamepad bundle, it was expected by some staff that the Gear VR bundle would be available again the following week however it is not known if the device has sold out or the date had been pushed 27th February 2015.


The device has already had a great reception in America with Brendan Iribe the co-founder of Oculus stating that the company is backlogged as it wasn’t expecting such a great reception for the Gear VR. He stated that he was unable to acquire the device himself, but reasured consumers that the companies are working hard to fill the demand. He did also state that this was not a bad thing, as it shows the trust people are placing in the technology

The Samsung Gear VR is a new mobile operated HMD which uses the Android operating system (OS) to power its VR content. To use the Gear VR users must have the Galaxy Note 4 which has an enlarged Quad HD display. The device will be coming to Samsung’s flag ship phone, the S6, however details are unknown at this point. Users are still awaiting the premium store option for the Gear VR so that they will be able to purchase content.

Release details for the rest of the international rollout are currently unknown. VRFocus will keep you updated as this develops.