Neon Cubes Available on Oculus VR Share

Recently made available on Oculus VR Share is Neon Cubes. The title is a virtual reality (VR) relaxation experience set inside a world full of neon cubes. Developed by Toe Knee, the title is only in its alpha stage of development so it still needs touching up. It is currently compatible with the Oculus Rift second development kit (DK2) head-mounted display (HMD).

Neon Cubes only asks players to enjoy the experience and wander around the neon universe combined with the 80’s styled soundtrack. However, the player is able to challenge themselves to find the neon spheres. Players have to avoid falling into the black void between the cubes when moving around. The developer included two modes, one of which players can sit back and be guided around the world without use of any controls. The other is the user taking control and moving themselves.

Neon Cubes

Exploration titles like Neon Cubes are featured heavily on Oculus VR Share because of the intention to immerse people in a particular environment. Videogames like Air Drift aim to give players a sense of wonder. More visually surreal titles like Fun House Ride are intended to do the same with the exception of the CGI visuals.

A newer version is set to arrive however release details are not yet known. VRFocus will keep you updated on the latest Oculus VR Shares.