Guerilla Tea to Give ‘rightful attention’ to VR Development

As consumer virtual reality (VR) becomes an increasingly realistic proposition more and more videogame developers are signing themselves up to work with the tech. Scottish indie team Guerrilla Tea is one such developer. In the past the studio has become known for immersive experiences that also have practical uses within the real world, working with the likes of Cancer research UK and the BBC. Today the company has revealed that it will be bringing this concept to new VR projects in 2015.

The developer stated as much in a blog update on its official website. “There is a lot of scope for the use of virtual reality within training applications and we’re keen on exploring new VR based methods of solving problems,” the team stated. “For example, being totally immersed in an environment has a wide range of possible applications to any industry which involves working in dangerous environments, such as the energy industry and its various sub-divisions. There is a vast scope for what we can achieve here and it can be tailored to suit specific needs.”

The post goes on to tease the prospect of VR training, teaching users to complete specific tasks or perhaps even scripting emergency events. The team is even looking to integrate VR into some of its original IP and has already worked with the technology in two game jam prototypes. The first is Just One Trip, a first-person experience in which challenges will adapt to how the player progresses and if they take easier solutions to these problems. A video of the title can be seen below.

There’s all What Have We Done? a unique concept that was created by the team consulting a random word generator and then taking inspiration from the terms it produced. It’s not clear if either of these projects will see a full release for VR fans in the future.

VRFocus will continue to follow Guerrilla Tea closely, reporting back with any further updates on its progress in VR.