Gaijin Aiming for Project Morpheus & Oculus Rift Cross-Play

Gaijin Entertainment’s support of virtual reality (VR) is not to be overlooked. Having delivered compatibility for both iterations of the Oculus Rift development kits (DK1 and DK2) with War Thunder, and currently working on a Project Morpheus build for PlayStation 4, the studio is clearly keen to offer the most realistic simulation experience possible. Talking to VRFocus however, Gaijin Entertainment has revealed that they don’t intend to limit the compatibility of their software between platforms and are aiming to allow for Project Morpheus players to go head-to-head with Oculus Rift users.

War Thunder began as a massively multiplayer online (MMO) flight combat simulator, but has since grown to incorporate much more than a small selection of planes. The videogame now features tanks and anti-air vehicles based on the ground, as well as a variety of gameplay modes available cross-platform on PC, PlayStation 4 and via Android devices. Oculus Rift support has been included for over a year and the studio already has a Project Morpheus build running, ready for the device’s official release.


Talking to VRFocus, Kirill Yudintsev, Creative Lead at Gaijin Entertainment, stated that the studio hope to see a future where players on PlayStation 4 and PC would not be limited in their use of VR for War Thunder. There are presently no limitations in cross-play between the formats and Yudintsev sees no reason why this should change with the impending launch of VR head-mounted displays (HMDs). Furthermore, Yudintsev hopes that Project Morpheus will see official support for PC formats.

“We’re going to support Project Morpheus on PlayStation 4, and if Project Morpheus will be available for PC then on PC too,” stated Yudintsev in an interview with VRFocus. “I’m pretty sure that Oculus won’t be supported by PlayStation 4, but Project Morpheus can be supported on PC, Mac, Linux and everything like that. It depends on Sony of course, but it still can be.”

War Thunder is available to download and play now on PC with Oculus Rift support, as well as on PlayStation 4 and via Android devices. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest VR projects from Gaijin Entertainment including a full interview with Yudintsev coming next week.